Intruder Alarms & Security Solutions for Home and Business

Diamond Alarm Systems provide a range of home security and business security solutions including burglar alarms, monitored alarms and CCTV surveillance equipment.

We pride ourselves on ensuring complete peace of mind for our customers, offering the most up-to-date security and surveillance technology and providing a tailored solution to fit every individual need.

Diamond is SSAIB-approved, so you can rest assured that all of our installers are trained to British and European safety standards.

24hr Monitored Security Systems

State of the art sensor technology combined with Diamond's highly-reliable monitoring service gives your property even greater protection against intruders.

The speed of response to an incident makes all the difference in preventing crime. Our 24hr monitoring service contacts the police immediately on your alarm being triggered to ensure the fastest response time.

We are currently offering a great deal on home security systems with every subscription to our 24hr monitoring service.

Request a FREE survey

In order to tailor our services to your needs and find the best security system for your requirements, a risk-assessment survey is carried out on your property.

This survey is completely free of charge and you are under no obligation to purchase any products or services.

During the visit, which takes around 30 minutes, our security experts will assess your property and advise you on the best strategy for protecting your home.

If you would like to request a security survey of your property, please contact us.

24 Hour Monitoring

Our 24hr monitored alarm systems are connected to the Alarm Response Centre via a standard telephone line. When your alarm is triggered by a break-in, the ARC contacts your nominated keyholder to alert them. Emergency services are also contacted if necessary.

The speed of response to a triggered alarm is absolutely crucial to stopping and reducing burglary. Monitored intruder alarms offer even greater protection against intruders as the response time is drastically improved, enabling police a better chance of catching the burglar in the act.

Some intruders will take their chances with an audible-only alarm as the ringing is frequently ignored by neighbours and passers by.

However, the fast response time enabled by alarm monitoring means that burglars are far less likely to target a property with visible evidence of a monitored security system.

* Installation costs vary.