Peace of Mind

In today's busy lifestyle, work commitments and activities often mean a property goes unwatched for many hours of the day or night. This provides opportunities for intruders to assess the property for weaknesses and entry points.

A good intruder alarm system acts as a deterrent to potential thieves, and the information from CCTV surveillance cameras proves extremely valuable in the event of a break-in.

24hr monitored alarm systems provide even greater protection by contacting the police immediately on your alarm being triggered, speeding up response time and reducing crime.

Diamond Alarm Systems, Cardiff, UK

Diamond is an SSAIB-registered security and surveillance installation company based in Cardiff, South Wales.
We offer a range of security products for home and business needs, including burglar alarms, monitored security systems, CCTV surveillance cameras and digital video recorders (DVR).

The SSAIB are an SIA (Security Industry Authority) approved assessment organisation whose aim is to promote high standards of service in the security industry with their certification scheme.

Recognised by insurers and subject to independent scrutiny, the SSAIB's approval ensures that our installers comply with all relevant British and European safety standards.