Home Security System Offer

Fantastic internet-only Home Security Offer - Alarms from just £199 and monitoring from only £25 per month!

Monitored Alarm Systems

Our 24hr monitored alarm systems are connected to the Alarm Response Centre via a standard telephone line. When your alarm is triggered by a break-in, the ARC contacts your nominated keyholder to alert them. Emergency services are also contacted if necessary.
The speed of response to a triggered alarm is absolutely crucial to stopping and reducing burglary. Monitored intruder alarms offer even greater protection against intruders as the response time is drastically improved, enabling police a better chance of catching the burglar in the act.

Some intruders will take their chances with an audible-only alarm as the ringing is frequently ignored by neighbours and passers by. However, the fast response time enabled by alarm monitoring means that burglars are far less likely to target a property with visible evidence of a monitored security system.

*Installation costs vary